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Car market will usher in a new business model

In recent years, the automobile industry has developed rapidly, and the rapid growth of automobile sales has provided great imagination for the aftermarket. Experts predict: if China's car ownership reached 100 million, aftermarket pa...

From making money difficult to survival, the traditional approach to survival

At present, many capital cities in the automotive supplies market, has reduced to 50% of businesses in Taobao, or to Taobao merchants shipped. In the past few weeks, the bustling crowds of people crowded with cars with fitting fittings in...

After the car market is the next hot spot for investment?

How do you shop 4S, far Business Hours inappropriate, expensive? Now just tap the options in the phone APP, and the maintenance staff will come with professional tools to serve you. In 2014, the electricity supplier in the depth of involv...

Internet plus car life is good in the first

Whether Ferrari to cooperate with millet mobile phone, or Ali, along with SAIC, let the car run on the Internet, or apple to build electric vehicles iCar...... The Ferrari version of millet, is the price of millet? Buy apple made watches ...

The emergence of car networking trend visible here

Car networking market development of leading enterprises in the layout of the car just unfolding, many things, car networking is entering the era of the new era calls for the contention of a hundred schools of thought, new business models...

Professor Lang Xianping says 5G is coming, and automatic driving is possible

How fast is the 5G download? Download speed to make a comparison: 3G is 130 times faster than 2G; 4G is 3.3 times faster than 3G; 5G is 825 times faster than 4G, Download the movie will be completed within a few millis...


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