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Professor Lang Xianping says 5G is coming, and automatic driving is possible

Date: 2017-06-27 Author: lehua
How fast is the 5G download?
Download speed to make a comparison:
3G is 130 times faster than 2G;
4G is 3.3 times faster than 3G;
5G is 825 times faster than 4G,
Download the movie will be completed within a few milliseconds download, it simply can not feel downloaded.
How long is the delay?
Delay is the delay of the reaction time,
From button to start download
2G times, 629 milliseconds
3G times, 212 milliseconds
4G times, 100-170 milliseconds
5G times, 1 milliseconds.
Auto driving is really possible in the age of 5G
The reaction time is 0.5 seconds, assuming the drive to 100 km speed, found that the risk to make emergency brake response, has been in the past 0.5 seconds, then waiting already ran more than 13 meters, an automatic driving vehicle 5G responses, only ran more than 2.8 cm.


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