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Internet plus car life is good in the first

Date: 2017-06-27 Author: lehua
Whether Ferrari to cooperate with millet mobile phone, or Ali, along with SAIC, let the car run on the Internet, or apple to build electric vehicles iCar...... The Ferrari version of millet, is the price of millet? Buy apple made watches are likely to spend 120 thousand to buy iCar start? Last week, when the reporter's circle of friends is BMW QQ Shuabing, felt more real - car prices years of playing network, in fact, not many riders buy it. However, when the Internet big names have begun to intervene in the car life, it will be much fun.
IWatch hasn't bought it yet
ICar is coming again
Apple Corp CEO Tim Cook (Tim • Cook) said, "we have been looking for talent, and has acquired 23 companies in the past 15 months."".
What? Making electric cars iCar! Allegedly, in recent years, Apple has been from the major automobile manufacturers to attract dozens of managers and engineers from the company, Tesla (TSLA) hired a considerable number of R & D personnel, and devoted to the iCar project.
It is reported that, iCar mileage of up to 499 kilometers, more than Tesla 100 kilometers, charging time is only 4 hours, is half of tesla. Sounds pretty good.
However, there are about 100000 yuan in the first iWartch, will work with BMW iCar, competitors and now -- Apple fans directed Tesla really got under the hand? 2020 (legendary iCar time)!
Internet plus Logistics
Blessed are those who chop the hand
The concept of vehicle networking, 5 years ago, but BAT's war, so that the car networking has become the latest hot words.
Last Friday, the Zhejiang Industrial Technology Innovation Association, the joint government, universities and major automobile companies in the province held a "2015 Automotive Industry Technology Innovation Conference" in Hangzhou, Binjiang District". At the meeting, the reporter saw a live with us about the car networking application case, it can be said online shopping chop hand family and express little brother blessed.
In order to let the home express little brother send a courier, about another about, enough trouble? And refuses to collect the property, let express little brother into the area, this thing have you met?
This conference, the reporter saw the car for city logistics "last mile" design, a new energy called Chi Qi Internet car logistics. In vehicle manufacturing, vehicle intelligent BOX, intelligent PAD, operators, cloud data processing, APP R & D "car networking system, this car is good to help the courier receipt, according to the day of delivery, real-time updates of route planning, greatly shorten the driving distance, save time, improve efficiency.
At the same time, synchronous positioning system on the vehicles, can express the position real-time positioning - whether you received or sent by express little brother "soon, immediately to the" fudge to you, he wouldn't miss it downstairs.
Lenovo recently with ALI SAIC cooperation, the future, perhaps chop hand family can also order in the car, express mail?

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