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Car market will usher in a new business model

Date: 2017-06-27 Author: lehua

In recent years, the automobile industry has developed rapidly, and the rapid growth of automobile sales has provided great imagination for the aftermarket. Experts predict: if China's car ownership reached 100 million, aftermarket parts market will reach more than 300 billion yuan scale. And mainly including automobile repair service car Aftermarket in 2013 output value of 500 billion yuan, and by 2015, the output value will rise to 700 billion yuan. After the car market space is vast, is expected to usher in the development of the "golden age"". In the United States, aftermarket accounted for about 60%-70% of the total auto industry chain profit. In contrast, the domestic vehicle manufacturing and sales are still the main source of profit for the automotive industry chain (about 45%), accounting for only about 30% of the market share. With the gradual maturity of China's auto industry, the post market will grow rapidly, and the market size in 2020 is expected to exceed 1 trillion yuan. Maintenance and accessories are the largest share of profits in the aftermarket, in addition to auto finance, and the "golden age", which has the same capacity and has come into being".

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