OBD meter

Navihua Upgrade LCD Screen Display Magician OBD XF Scanner Car Diagnosis Auto Meter Gauge Universal Real-time Monitor Alarm

car smart Multifunction Digital Magician obd meter car gauge mini OBD Live

uto electronics OBD Magician F-835 Car Smart Upgrade F8 series Multifunction Digital Magician obd meter car gauge mini OBD Live   XF Multi-function OBD Meter Features 1. Do not damage the original vehicle wiring harness, simple to interface direct

Product Specification:
  • Modle name : OBD Magician
  • Color : Black
  • Voltage:12V :
  • Screen :LCD Screen Display :
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Product Details

Magician F8 Prodisplay OBD Live Info

Latest release Magician F8 Prodisplay OBD Live Info LCD, suitable for most modern car with OBD2 port. Plug and Play no wiring modification required.

We Are Magician Authorize Malaysia dealer!! 100% guarantee genuine!! 

All info can be customize to display on each cluster. You can set which part to display what info. 

Auto adjust brightness using RPS light sensor. It work like your smartphone, non dazzling on night!!

Many type of screen can be choose to suit your preference.

Display Info:

  • Speedo
  • RPM
  • Water temp
  • Engine oil temp
  • Voltage
  • Vacuum / Boost
  • Air fuel ratio
  • Air flow
  • Intake air temp
  • Throttle position angle
  • Gas pedal angle
  • Exhaust temp
  • Engine timing
  • 0 - 100 test







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