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How should car owners solve to common faults of car navigation?

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How should car owners solve to common faults of car navigation?

1.    No display at boot:

After startup, the screen does not display, Button light does not light up, Need to check the installation circuit, Usually the plug is loose or the fuse is broken.

2.    Can't find navigation software

The navigation path is set incorrectly, just reset the correct path.Insert the memory card, or if the data in the memory card is lost, just copy the map again.

3.    No signal for navigation

The GPS antenna is connected incorrectly, or the antenna is damaged, it can be solved after correct installation. Navigation software port error, re-use the correct map to solve,The navigation signal is poor, which usually occurs indoors, because the GPS signal can be normal only in an open place.

4.    Navigation and positioning confusion

It is possible to move the vehicle after passing through a tunnel or turning off the navigation. It can be solved by searching for GPS signals in the same place.




5.    Music not found song

It is an operation problem. After clicking on the music, you need to select the song folder. If it is correct, you need to select the folder where the song is placed to play.

6.    No reversing display

There is a problem with the original car's reversing light circuit, which causes the product's reversing display function to be abnormal. Professionals are required to check the car circuit. Turn on the switch of the rear view in the settings.

7.    Reversing splash screen

  Insufficient power supply for the original car's reversing circuit, a relay needs to be installed.  This situation also occurs in strong sunlight.

8.    After installation, the control cannot be used

  After installation, you need to learn the square control value in the settings to use the original car square control button normally.

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