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Break through the mysterious car navigation

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Break through the mysterious car navigation


1.GPS car navigation


Car navigation is carried out by using car GPS and electronic map, It can conveniently and accurately tell the driver the shortest or fastest route to the destination. It is a good helper for the driver.

A good navigator allows you to drive, Let you know your location accurately anywhere, Avoid congested roads and go unimpeded.

Navihua (Shenzhen) Technology Co., Ltd. is a high-end GPS car navigation company, Its own entertainment function allows you to drive easily, And also has a DVD player, Radio reception, touch screen, Optional function, etc. We have many styles,Let you can choose, Can meet the driving requirements well.




2.Car navigation product architecture


As shown above , Product architecture diagram with car navigation as the core,Its role based on each module.

Car navigation hardware: Including CPU, memory, display, positioning chip, gyroscope, etc. It mainly provides basic capabilities such as calculation and positioning.

Technical Support: Magic Lamp