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Is better car navigation than mobile phone navigation?

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Is better car navigation than mobile phone navigation?




For car owners,Using mobile phone navigation in the car has become a habit, But car navigation has its unique advantages compared to mobile phone navigation.



The most important thing to drive is safety by car navigation, Phone, because of the small screen, so driver will easy have a traffic accident if they often stare at their mobile phones.



Mobile phones only rely on GPS for positioning, When encountering more complicated terrain,such as bridges,,tunnels, etc., the positioning accuracy is relatively poor, If rely on GPS Navigation, It can inertial navigation and other hardware to achieve high-precision navigation.



   The mobile phone is just an "external device" for the car, No way to be perfectly compatible with cars, For example, you can’t use car FM or car music with mobile phone navigation,but use car dvd player can listen music when using GPS.


4.Power consumption

  Mobile navigation is too power-consuming, After a long-distance navigation, the battery level of the phone is almost  used up.


With the popularity of 5G networks in recent years,The development of in-vehicle voice technology and the improvement of image business update speed, etc.Car navigation has surpassed mobile phone navigation in some parts, Car navigation has gradually changed people’s inherent impression, It may gradually replace mobile phone navigation as a standard vehicle in the future.

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